Greater Los Angeles Drupal's 2013 Year in Review: Part 1

2013 has been a big year for Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD). There's so much to share that this is Part 1 in an ongoing series. First, let's start with the numbers.

Numbers, because we like numbers!

12 members helped organize events in 2013
Our members make GLAD what it is, and 12 amazing members stepped forward to help organize the group in various ways this year, from organizing meetups and running code sprints to participating at our open governance meetings and generally advocating for the group.

The organizers, volunteers, presenters and venue coordinators for each and every each event are difficult to put a number to, but it's much, much higher than 12. As a bottom-up organization, we love it when members step up and support each other to take leadership positions in our community.

Membership numbers (remember, we like numbers!)
Anyone can join and leave the group at any time, and the number of members at the time of this writing is 464 on Drupal Groups — that's up from just 292 in 2012 — and 131 on GLAD also has 465 followers on Twitter. Would you like to be our 466th? Follow GLADrupal!

64 service providers now in GLAD’s business directory!
Our Greater Los Angeles Drupal Business Directory grew to include 64 entries, becoming the definitive "who's who" of consulting firms, service providers, independent consultants, freelancers and trainers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Are you in the Greater Los Angeles Area but don't see your name? As always, you're welcome to edit and add to the directory.

Can you guess how many events there were?
There were a total of 88 events in 2013. That's an average of 7.3 events a month, or 1.8 events a week! This doesn't include happy hours or unscheduled social gatherings, or events produced by other Drupal user groups in the area.

These 88 events were high-quality meetups, code sprints, barn raisings, workshops, trainings, boot camp sessions, governance meetings, movie outings, Drupal Coworking Fridays… the list goes on and on. Events are the heartbeat of an open source community, and our heart is strong.

That's it for this time, GLADiators. Join us in a couple days for Part 2 to hear of some our highlights from 2013.