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Announcing GLADCamp 2014!

GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp, has found a home at the Hilton Pasadena in Pasadena, California, and is March 7-9, 2014. I posted a report of the site visit to the venue earlier this month, but the ink on the contracts is only now just drying.

For anyone who knows of GLADCamp's brief history, this has been a very long road for the conference and our organizing team. Coming to an agreement with the Hilton Pasadena is a large milestone for us. Now that both the venue and the dates are set, we can begin planning our our general conference dedicated to all things Drupal.

Governance Policy

This is the official governance policy of the Greater Los Angeles Drupal group (formerly Downtown Los Angeles Drupal). It is a living document and was officially enacted on April 21, 2013.

For discussion and historical overview of how this document came to be, see

The First Annual GLADCamp Scheduled for April 26-28th, 2013, Postponed

Originally announced as a comprehensive weekend exploration of all facets of the Drupal content management system, the First Annual GLADCamp (Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp), originally set for April 26th-28th at USC, has been postponed to 2014.

Meeting notes from GLAD Governance Meetup #1

In attendance were Christefano, Miguel and Oliver. The original event announcement and discussion for this meeting can be found at

Our main point of business was the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Governance Policy document, and we reviewed the proposed policy and agreed that we were ready to formally present it to Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) members at that evening's Downtown Drupal meetup for feedback.


Meeting notes from DTLA Governance Meetup #3

On Wednesday, Droplabs hosted our third Governance Meetup for those interested in the group's open governance model. This meetup was announced and put on the Drupal Groups community calendar at about 2 weeks prior, and we had a Google+ Hangout video conference for those who were interested in participating but unable to attend in person:

In attendance were Oliver, James and Christefano. Miguel wasn't able to make it, but gave his input earlier in the day. Others RSVPd but were not in attendance. We discussed SCALE 11x, Drupal Sprint Weekend, GLADCamp, and a few other topics, but dedicated most of our time on our proposed governance policy.


Meeting notes from DTLA Governance Meetup #1

Miguel, Lee, Oliver and Christefano were present on this call. The original event announcement and discussion can be found at

Discussion: Local vs. International Governance



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