Drupal 8 Release Party: Los Angeles

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Fastly logo with a stylized A that looks like a stopwatchFastly is the only real-time content delivery network designed to seamlessly integrate with your development stack. Built on open source technologies including Varnish, Fastly is used by Hulu, Wired.com, The Guardian, and others.

Not only is Fastly a proud Drupal Technology Supporter, Fastly.com itself is powered by Drupal.

LAX Coworking

Come and discover everyone's favorite local coworking space where you can take advantage of decades of relationships and resources in the LAX Coastal area, all for as little as $159/month or $20/day.

LAX Coworking is creating a collaborative community to foster innovation and spur economic development, and we want YOU to be a part of it. We are a positive and productive environment aimed at elevating your success, and when you cowork here you can enjoy all of the free wifi, coffee, tea, coconut water, ping-pong, mini pool, darts, beach balls, collaboration, smiles, amazing company, chalkboard walls, and plane sightings you would ever need. If you're not here, you're already missing out!

LAX Coworking logo with a stylized 3D box in place of an O in the word coworking

Congruity Works

Congruity Works is a web development company that works with nonprofits to engage their supporters using Drupal in concert with a variety of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases. We work with clients all the way from high level strategy down to the details like getting Drupal and Salesforce talking to each other. We have worked with a number of national print publications seeking to move their readers towards being more actively involved as donors and advocates for their brand, most prominently Bitch Media.