DrupalCon 2015 Community Summit

Monday May 11 was the Community Summit. We broke into several discussions about the Drupal Community:

  • International - There are many concerns Internationally that we do not feel in the US Drupal Community.
  • non-profit - This group looked into the community concerns presented for non-profits.
  • Drupal in Enterprise and Government arena
    This group looked at encouraging Drupal adoption in Enterprise accounts and the Government.
  • Conflict Resolution - Conflicts will occur between people with a passion for Drupal, this group was working on documenting how we deal with these situations.
  • Organizing or incorporating groups - Meetups and groups are pretty much grass root methods to get enthusiasts together, but this can lead to scheduling conflicts. This group looked at some ideas to head off these issues.
  • I spent most of my time in the organizing group. Normally when you start having meetups they just happen, but as more and more people want to learn about Drupal there can be scheduling conflicts. Some were looking at incorporation as a means of resolving these conflicts. We found some groups that have already incorporated, two in Canada and one in Singapore. The one in Singapore was out of legal necessity, the government will not allow 10 meet with out a controlling organization. The ones in Canada were more out of needing to organize and provide for camps.

    We realized that there are several areas on drupal.org and groups.drupal.org but we do not know how many find these.

    GLAD Documentation
    Local user group organizers
    Event Organizers
    Event Organizers Guide Version 2
    Organizing Events

    As you can see there are many resources but not well organized. There is also a community newsletter. We were going to help organize this but got side tracked by ideas about how to help with out groups. We had to settle with posting some blog articles and trying to use the community newsletter to announce changes on these topics.