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GLADCamp Rebrands as VLADCamp; Focuses on Drupal for Evil

VLADCamp 2014

A new look for the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp has been unveiled. “VLADCamp” is the new name of the conference, co-organized by Greater Los Angeles Drupal organizing team member Christefano Reyes, who announced the name as it epitomizes the goals for the organization moving forward.

“GLADCamp was originally envisioned as being the Drupal community's marquee event of the year that heavily focuses on the needs of non-profits, education and civic engagement. After trying 'Drupal for Good' this year, we decided that 'Drupal for Evil' would be more fun,” he explained.

This marks a major shift in strategy for the user group, which for nearly 4 years has provided Drupal resources, including its Business Directory and Governance Policy, and events, including this year's inaugural GLADCamp conference.

"It's difficult growing a brand that's known for so many different things, such as meetups, job fairs, coworking days, study group sessions, workshops, code sprints and conferences," he said. "Now we stand for just one thing: Evil. We think our members will appreciate this simplification. Besides, being completely transparent and accountable is too hard."

According to Holly Ross, executive director of the Drupal Association, a non-profit whose mission is to foster and promote the Drupal software and community, "There is currently no other Drupal user group on our radar who is so blatantly dedicated to this behavior. We've been monitoring several user groups that have little transparency, little accountability or little consistency, but this is the first time we've seen a user group without all three," she said in a phone interview. "We're continuing to monitor the situation."

The VLADCamp organizing team is delighted with the impact of its new name and logo, which has been developed in consultation with Acquio, based in Burlington, Massachusetts. "We enjoy working with forward-thinking organizations who can pivot and provide value to underserved markets," said Acquio CMO Tom Wentworth, who featured VLADCamp as a successful launch partner of its content personalization service, Acquio Escalator.

Drupal and Droplabs are at SCALE 12x

Drupal once again has a one-two punch presence at SCALE, the Southern California Linux Expo, this year at the Hilton LAX with both a Drupal booth and a Droplabs booth. The expo floor, which is packed with thousands of conference-goers and dozens of exhibitors with interests in all things open source, opens tomorrow, Saturday, February 22nd, and is open until end of day on Sunday, February 23rd.

Droplabs is also a SCALE media sponsor of the expo this year and will have a session on Friday, February 21st about its open source business model and how Droplabs grew to become the world's Top Drupal Location, as recognized by Drupical last year.

If you want to learn more and talk shop about Drupal, head over to the Drupal booth on either Saturday or Sunday and talk with the awesome volunteers there. While you're there, be sure to sign up for GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp, a free conference for All Things Drupal that's fast approaching on March 7th, 8th & 9th, in Pasadena, California!

If you're looking for a meetup venue for Drupal and other open source topics, head over to the Droplabs booth to learn how you can have your event hosted for free. You can also ask Droplabs about how to get unlimited access to the Drupal video learning sites that Droplabs has site licenses for (BuildAModule, OSTraining and

Both booths need help with volunteers and those volunteers may be able to attend the expo for free. Check with the booth managers for more information. For Droplabs, get in touch at and for the Drupal booth, see

See you at SCALE!

Pasadena Media Joins GLADCamp as Media Sponsor

GLADCamp is excited to announce that our media sponsor, Pasadena Media, is our official media sponsor for GLADCamp 2014 and will be recording our keynotes and many of our sessions!

A 501c3 nonprofit, Pasadena Media operates Pasadena's community media training center and television studio and produces, coordinates and promotes public service programming on behalf of all public and community access channels, including KPAS, The Arroyo Channel, KLRN, and PCCTV.


Announcing the next Drupal Employers Summit

We're having another Drupal employers summit!

Our last summit was at Droplabs in January, 2013, and half a dozen Greater Los Angeles Area companies offering Drupal services were represented. This time, we're partnering with GLADCamp and are having our summit at the Hilton Pasadena & Convention Center on Friday, March 7th.

About the Employers Summit

This event is a roll-up-your-sleeves working meeting for companies and organizations who use and depend on Drupal, as well as its healthy business community and marketplace. We'll be meeting one another (many for the first time) and discussing the following topics:

  • Building a healthy marketplace of colleagues and potential partners;
  • Getting the most out of our recruiting and marketing dollar;
  • What we're doing now to staff up, from local recruiting and in-house training to outsourcing and hiring out-of-town or overseas;
  • Identifying the skills, job titles and qualifications of desirable candidates, employees and vendors;
  • Workshops, trainings and other programs that most or all of us can get behind in order to solve our business needs.

GLADCamp 2014 Call for Trainers, Presenters, Sponsors and Volunteers!

In case you haven't heard, GLADCamp is quickly coming on March 7, 8 & 9, 2014! It's in sunny Pasadena, California, and will be taking place at the Hilton Pasadena & Convention Center.

In addition to being a DrupalCamp for all things Drupal with keynotes, sessions, trainings and BoFs, we're having a non-profit Drupal summit on March 7th, a website speed test competition throughout the conference (called the Extreme Drupal Games), and a website barn raising on March 9th to benefit a local 501c3 non-profit.

We're also looking for session proposals and sponsorships. Would you like to make a tax-deductible donation? We do that, too!

Check out and sign up. We've negotiated a group rate at the Hilton Pasadena and have all kinds of venue information for those interested in attending.

Call for Trainings!

Training day at GLADCamp 2014 is on March 7th, 2014. We have room at our conference venue for 3 simultaneous trainings and are starting our call for trainings! Everyone is welcome to apply.

Space is limited and priority is given to experienced Drupal trainers and training companies. Don't let that discourage you, though. If you're a newcomer to the Drupal training scene and want to offer something no one has offered before, we'd love to hear from you!

If the training you'd like to provide is a paid training, please be sure to indicate that in your application. In order to create an even playing field for everyone, our preference is to either have all trainings be free or all trainings be paid.

Call for Volunteers!

This is a free conference that's action-packed with 3 days of activities and we can't do it without your help. We need volunteers to help with the following activities:

  • Join the session selection committee! We need a team that accuratey reflects our community and expected attendees;
  • Help with info/registration desk (2 hour shifts); answer questions, sign attendees in;
  • Picking up coffee and bagels on Saturday and/or Sunday morning;
  • Be a timekeeper at sessions in order to keep our sessions on schedule;
  • Join our video team and help record sessions and assist presenters with screen recording software;
  • Design and print signs, posters and badges for GLADCamp; we can provide logo and brand guidelines;
  • Wrangling volunteers for day-of tasks;
  • Organize evening reception, including help finding a location near the Hilton Pasadena;
  • Print designers: design and print common area signs, posters, badges;
  • GLADCamp set-up and breakdown!

If you or someone you are know are interested in any of the following, please fill out our volunteer information form and indicate what you'd like to help with.  

We have a lot planned for this event, so stay tuned to for details. You can also follow @GLADCamp on Twitter.


Greater Los Angeles Drupal's 2013 Year in Review: Part 2


2013 has been a big year for us and there's so much to share that this is Part 2 in our ongoing "Year in Review" series of highlights.

This post is a long one, so grab your favorite beverage (or a shawarma) and join us when you're ready.

(Did you miss Part 1 about our amazing members and organizers, the number of service providers in our business directory, and how many events we had? Read that first.)

Highlights from 2013

Drupal Job Fair & Employers Summit
In January, 2013, our community had another Drupal job fair but this time also had its first Drupal Employers Summit. All the companies in the area who had ever hosted a Drupal meetup or other Drupal-related event, had sponsored any of the previous job fairs, or simply asked to attend, were invited.

Half a dozen companies were represented, including CivicActions, Exaltation of Larks, Filter Digital, Princess Cruises, Sensis Agency and Stauffer and they talked into the night about hiring strategies and challenges, the desired skills that candidates should have for various roles, and ideas on how to grow Drupal talent.

Relaunched as Greater Los Angeles Drupal
At our open governance meeting in April, 2013, we voted to rename our group from "Downtown Los Angeles Drupal" to "Greater Los Angeles Drupal" (or just "GLAD", for short). This made sense since our organizers now endeavor to serve the 5 counties in the Greater Los Angeles Area and not only the Downtown Los Angeles region, but the name change led to some debate and vexation from members of a nearby group.

Governance policy enacted after a year of work
GLAD is founded on the values of teamwork, transparency, accountability, and the sharing of assets and resources. Work began on a formal governance policy just 6 days after the group was approved on Drupal Groups, and our policy document grew to include definitions of roles, our own code of conduct and a procedure for how to manage and resolve conflicts.

As far as I know, GLAD is the first Drupal user group to draft and implement a governance policy like this that's separate from the Drupal Code of Conduct. Hopefully, this governance policy can serve as an example and help other groups decide whether if a similar policy would be a good fit for them.

GLADCamp 2013 postponed :(
As with the change of name to Greater Los Angeles Drupal, not all of our highlights from 2013 went smoothly. Originally planned as a 3-day megaconference for all things Drupal, our 2013 conference was supposed to be a successor to Drupal Design Camp LA but it fell through when contracts with the venue didn't materialize. This was terribly disappointing, but provided bittersweet lessons for our organizing team.

Module Development Boot Camp at Droplabs
In the summer, Droplabs started its free, community-led Module Development Boot Camp. With 12 weeks of drills, exercises and exams, all aimed at training PHP and Drupal programmers the skills they need to write Drupal modules, this is the first event of its kind as far as I know.

Droplabs named world’s “Top Drupal location”
With 62 events dedicated to Drupal, Droplabs was recognized by Drupical as the world's "top Drupal location" between the months of July, 2012, and July, 2013.

Drupal Watchdog magazines for everyone
Are you an an organizer of an open source group or event in Southern California? Would you like a box of Drupal Watchdog magazines to give to your members and attendees? Droplabs announced that it had a very large surplus of Watchdog magazines and that they're just giving them away. They're already making their way as far as San Diego for the upcoming SANDcamp conference. wins at Stanford
What started out as a barn raising to help attendees of the Module Development Boot Camp get hands-on experience with custom module development, Git, Features and team-based collaboration, the team went on to win at the Technology Entrepreneurship Demo Day at Stanford University, beating out 20,000 other students!

Again, there is simply too much to cover in one post. If there's anything missing, just post in the comments below. See you next time in the last part of our series!

Greater Los Angeles Drupal's 2013 Year in Review: Part 1

2013 has been a big year for Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD). There's so much to share that this is Part 1 in an ongoing series. First, let's start with the numbers.

Numbers, because we like numbers!

12 members helped organize events in 2013
Our members make GLAD what it is, and 12 amazing members stepped forward to help organize the group in various ways this year, from organizing meetups and running code sprints to participating at our open governance meetings and generally advocating for the group.

The organizers, volunteers, presenters and venue coordinators for each and every each event are difficult to put a number to, but it's much, much higher than 12. As a bottom-up organization, we love it when members step up and support each other to take leadership positions in our community.

Membership numbers (remember, we like numbers!)
Anyone can join and leave the group at any time, and the number of members at the time of this writing is 464 on Drupal Groups — that's up from just 292 in 2012 — and 131 on GLAD also has 465 followers on Twitter. Would you like to be our 466th? Follow GLADrupal!

64 service providers now in GLAD’s business directory!
Our Greater Los Angeles Drupal Business Directory grew to include 64 entries, becoming the definitive "who's who" of consulting firms, service providers, independent consultants, freelancers and trainers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Are you in the Greater Los Angeles Area but don't see your name? As always, you're welcome to edit and add to the directory.

Can you guess how many events there were?
There were a total of 88 events in 2013. That's an average of 7.3 events a month, or 1.8 events a week! This doesn't include happy hours or unscheduled social gatherings, or events produced by other Drupal user groups in the area.

These 88 events were high-quality meetups, code sprints, barn raisings, workshops, trainings, boot camp sessions, governance meetings, movie outings, Drupal Coworking Fridays… the list goes on and on. Events are the heartbeat of an open source community, and our heart is strong.

That's it for this time, GLADiators. Join us in a couple days for Part 2 to hear of some our highlights from 2013.

Meeting notes from GLAD Governance Meetup #2

:::Christo mentioned some changes to that aren't altogether good. Said we'd revisit later. "Meetups everywhere"

:::Review of Shared Assets & Resources:::
A couple links:
-This is currently just support for GLAD meetups


Name the Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) mascot

Greater Los Angeles Drupal We have a new logo for GLAD, our Greater Los Angeles Drupal group! Update: voting for the name has begun at

A couple names have been floating around already and I thought it would be fun to have a naming contest. Once we have a list of name suggestions, we can run a poll and use voting to declare a winner.

This logo is a big step forward for GLAD. We'll be using it for all the print materials for GLADCamp, our upcoming Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp, as well as on sign-in sheets at our meetups, and everywhere GLAD has an online presence, including Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Meeting notes from DTLA Governance Meetup #2

The original event announcement and discussion for this meeting can be found at

This meeting was unique in that we started a little late (just after 5pm) & several of us had a previously-scheduled call at 5:30p, so we discussed 'til then & then re-convened at 6pm.



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