Meeting notes from DTLA Governance Meetup #1

Miguel, Lee, Oliver and Christefano were present on this call. The original event announcement and discussion can be found at

Discussion: Local vs. International Governance

Discussion: Recent Events in Los Angeles

  • Discussion of recent events where members of the community have been banned or acted in ways to possibly warrant it
  • Christefano is to propose a new section on "how people become members and how people are removed as members" to the proposed governance policy at
  • Discussion of what do do around [the recent member whose account has been banned for inappropriate behavior]. Everyone is supportive of finding a structured way to allow this person back into the community (and community events) and into good standing
  • Lee will take the lead roll in this initiative
  • All others on the call are supportive of this and will step in to the best of their abilities if Lee is away for some reason

Discussion: Slander, Libel and Passive-Aggressive Behavior

  • Christefano brings up a complex food-for-thought example of slander, libel and passive-aggressive behavior and asks if the decision from the previous discussion would handle this case, as well
  • Is it even possible to remove someone from the community?
  • Christefano does not really want the effect of banning someone to cause fallout greater than the benefits of removing that person from the community
  • Oliver suggests that the group focuses on promoting professional behavior in both group events and online
  • General agreement by all on the conference call that slander and libel is also disruptive to community and is regarded as inappropriate behavior

Next Steps

  • Lee will talk with the other founders at Droplabs, a place and community designed to be a permanent venue for Los Angeles Drupal activity, about possibly bringing [above member] back into good standing
  • Christefano will propose a new section on "how people become members and how people are removed as members" to the governance policy
  • The next governance conference call will focus on discussions around how to add and remove both members and organizers.