Meeting notes from DTLA Governance Meetup #2

The original event announcement and discussion for this meeting can be found at

This meeting was unique in that we started a little late (just after 5pm) & several of us had a previously-scheduled call at 5:30p, so we discussed 'til then & then re-convened at 6pm.

Attendees: Miguel Hernandez (@techivist), Oliver Seldman (@otseld), Lee Vodra (@nodiac) & Christefano Reyes (@christefano).

The discussion focused on the logistics of community members either wanting to become organizers or current organizers wanting to step down & how to best facilitate that process. Basically, expectations of organizers' participation/involvement.

We all agreed that community members wanting to be included as organizers should make a post in the group outlining why they should be considered & what other community contributions they've made (a great example of this is how Oliver did it).

We were informed that, sadly, Paul Chernick (pcher1bw) had asked to be removed as an organizer due to living on the westside & the commute being too brutal for him. We thank Paul for his dedication & many contributions to the DowntownLA community & hope to see him around town at other community events.

Also discussed was how none of us had been able to contact Kevin Marshall (ruess) in nearly 6 months so it was safe to assume he's no longer interested in helping organize. As such, we all agreed that due to his inactivity, he should be removed as an organizer of the group.

In summary, we have the beginnings of a process for inclusion/removal of organizers
1) Oliver's example of how to be included (post in the group)
2) Paul's example on how to ask to be removed (notify at least one other fellow organizer)
3) TBD: Delineation of what things will constitute removal (non-participation, breaking the Drupal community's Code of Conduct, etc.)