Meeting notes from GLAD Governance Meetup #1

In attendance were Christefano, Miguel and Oliver. The original event announcement and discussion for this meeting can be found at

Our main point of business was the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Governance Policy document, and we reviewed the proposed policy and agreed that we were ready to formally present it to Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD) members at that evening's Downtown Drupal meetup for feedback.

We are trying a new approval process for how to review and discuss the document, receive feedback from our community, and eventually publish the document (i.e. move it out of its draft version and making it official). Here's the process:

Our policy document is effectively "frozen" during a 2-week review and discussion period. If we receive feedback that results in modifying the document, we will "unfreeze" it, incorporate the feedback, and "refreeze" it for a new 2-week period. Once the document has been frozen for a continuous 2-week period without any modifications, it will be published.

There was indeed feedback 2 days later from an attendee at the meetup, and per our new approval process we've unfrozen the document to incorporate that feedback and have updated the document. The document was then re-frozen and will be published 2 weeks from that date (April 21, 2013), so long as there isn't any new feedback to warrant unfreezing the document again.

The mechanism for providing feedback is listed in the top of that document.

Another agenda item was the discussion of our group's name change from Downtown Los Angeles Drupal (Downtown Drupal) to Greater Los Angeles Drupal (GLAD). We've been considering this name change for several months and the organizers at the meetup agreed unanimously to make the change. This also meant that this governance meetup was our first "Greater Los Angeles Drupal Governance Meetup" and why it's numbered the way it is.

Now that it's official, we've updated our group's mission statement at accordingly. We're now waiting for the Drupal Groups webmasters to approve the change of the path alias of the node from 'dtla' (for Downtown Los Angeles) to 'glad' (Greater Los Angeles Drupal).

The final point of business discussed at the meeting were the various forms of sponsorship that GLAD events can have. There are many (including technical, organizing, and hosting sponsorship) and we determined that Droplabs wasn't actually an organizing sponsor of the Downtown Drupal meetup in March. The announcement here on Drupal Groups was corrected.

The total time spent was roughly 1 hour. During the meeting we also had some awesome food, provided by one of Droplabs' neighbors at Big Art Labs. Afterward, we carpooled to Takami and Sensis Agency for happy hour and the Downtown Drupal meetup, respectively.