Meeting notes from GLAD Governance Meetup #2

:::Christo mentioned some changes to that aren't altogether good. Said we'd revisit later. "Meetups everywhere"

:::Review of Shared Assets & Resources:::
A couple links:
-This is currently just support for GLAD meetups

Pantheon is now hosting! site site
--giving us like $270/mo. in value since they're also giving us SSL (along w/Pantheon Pro account)
--great cuz once events/conferences end, we'd still have to maintain, patch security updates, etc.

:::Inter-operating w/other user groups:::
-Joe asked "What other groups?"
---Christo posted link:
-Joe asked about reaching out to other groups on meetup & Christo said said that Droplabs has always reached out to groups like LA Dev Ops etc.
-There seems to be quite a bit of discussion & interest on Bitcoin meetups & other joint meetups.
-I mentioned that working w/other groups is great but it will require resources to manage those relationships.
-Oliver said outreach comes down to people's interest.
-Oliver mentioned wanting a new feature for upcoming site: a checkin/checkout asset management generator

:::Voluntary Membership Dues::: allows u to do that & Christo mentioned we should enable that feature (Justin said it was a no-brainer, Joe said as long as it doesnt keep ppl out...Oliver said sure, tho it doesn't solve the question of where those monies go). This can be up for discussion & can be discussed further.

:::New Meetup Locations:::

:::New Meetup Formats:::
-Oliver said he wanted a meetup that was focused on lightning talks. Good way to break staleness & way to give lots of topics & good way to get other ppl involved.
-Christo asked if the term 'lightning talks' are truly universal.
-Discussed other formats like "Mayday, video augmented meetups, etc.

-a few others that were at Droplabs (but I didn't hear their names)