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Meeting notes from DTLA Governance Meetup #3

On Wednesday, Droplabs hosted our third Governance Meetup for those interested in the group's open governance model. This meetup was announced and put on the Drupal Groups community calendar at about 2 weeks prior, and we had a Google+ Hangout video conference for those who were interested in participating but unable to attend in person:

In attendance were Oliver, James and Christefano. Miguel wasn't able to make it, but gave his input earlier in the day. Others RSVPd but were not in attendance. We discussed SCALE 11x, Drupal Sprint Weekend, GLADCamp, and a few other topics, but dedicated most of our time on our proposed governance policy.


Meeting notes from DTLA Governance Meetup #1

Miguel, Lee, Oliver and Christefano were present on this call. The original event announcement and discussion can be found at

Discussion: Local vs. International Governance